3DMR Shoulder Instability

3DMR reconstructions of the shoulder are a new tool used in the evaluation of patients with a history of shoulder dislocation. The reconstructions are generated from MR data obtained during a conventional MRI of the shoulder. The 3D models are used to assess and quantify the osseous injuries that can occur along the surfaces of the humeral head and glenoid in the setting of shoulder instability.

Our MR shoulder dislocation imaging studies provide the important soft tissue and bone information that can be useful for management of the patient with shoulder instability without the need for additional CT imaging and its radiation dose.

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Examples of our 3DMR reconstructions of the shoulder in a patient with recurrent shoulder instability. (a) There is a well-defined Hill-Sachs defect along the humeral head, and (b) flattening of the anterior margin of the glenoid.