Sports Therapy Center

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Our center treats persons with general orthopaedic problems, and sports medicine injuries of the upper and lower extremities, and spinal injuries in adults or children.

The staff will tailor a pre-operative exercise and education program to meet your specific needs. This will include:

  • Education as to surgical technique
  • Precautions and rehabilitation expectations
  • Instruction in post-operative range of motion and strengthening exercises
  • Gait training
  • Instruction in edema control including provision of a knee, ankle, or shoulder cryocuff

Patients seen in a physician's office may be referred directly to the Sports Center for immediate physical therapy. We will provide and instruct the patient in a home exercise program or provide gait training that day.

The Sports Center will work with individual physicians to meet their specific needs and goals. We will work to develop patient care protocols as needed.

The center is a 1,500 square foot facility with locker rooms and showers and state of the art exercise and testing equipment. Such as:


An under water treadmill utilized for gait training and hydro-exercises. Excellent for post-operative spine, hip, knee and ankle patients, as well as non-operative management of lower extremity stress fractures, overuse conditions, and low back pain. The tank may serve as a medium for water exercises for the upper and lower extremities, with graded resistance provided by water jets.

Cybex 6000

State of the art isokinetic equipment which can be used to rehabilitate and test the upper and lower extremities in an eccentric and concentric mode, as well as provide passive CPM for ROM. Patients my be referred for an isokinetic strength test only, as needed.

Short Crank Ergometry

Adjustable crank shaft to allow patients with diminished range of motion or range of motion precautions to complete a full revolution. Excellent for cardiac conditioning and range of motion.

Computerized Bicycles

Computerized Stairmaster

Computerized Treadmill

CYBEX Upper and Lower Body Resistance Training Machines