The goal of physical therapy in the pain program is to promote long term lifestyle changes to ensure ongoing better physical health. The patients are seen by a physical therapist individually and in group settings. The classes which are available include yoga based therapeutic exercise, warm water aquatic program, postural and movement education, safe weight training and effective cardiovascular workout in a gym setting.

Occupational Therapy's role in the pain program is designed to assist patients' in learning how to increase their functional skills, to manage their pain and to enable them to participate in various environments such as the home, the work place or recreational venues. Patients develop an awareness of their individual pain cycle and its impact upon function and/or dysfunction. Areas of education and training include: functional body mechanics, work simplification, energy conservation, Tai Chi based exercise classes, assertiveness and communication training, goal planning, and time management. A primary focus is to integrate these skills into daily activities to gain improved function. For admission information please see the Pain Center at HJD.