The emphasis for Occupational Therapy in the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Department is on independence in Activities of Daily Living, so that the patients may return to home safely and promptly. We provide opportunities for the patients to become competent and confident using adaptive equipment, individualized techniques and special training so that the maximum degree of independence can be achieved. Our therapists are experienced in treating a variety of orthopaedic conditions including Total Hip Replacements, Total Knee Replacements, Arthritis, and various Back surgeries. Our multicultural staff is sensitive to cultural differences and is able to assist patients in their own language.

The goal of Physical Therapy in the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Department is to restore function of the involved joint or muscle so the patient can perform functional activities in accordance with their individual goals. Physical Therapy aims to better one's physical health enabling one to attain an improved quality of life. The emphasis for the physical therapist in this area is to ensure safety allowing for a persons return to their home. The Physical Therapist uses an individualized approach, customizing programs to the needs for each patient. The departments' primary patient populations are various joint replacements and back surgeries.