The Occupational Therapy Department's philosophy is to provide a comprehensive individualized program, which addresses the needs and desires of the patients and their families. The emphasis of treatment is on Independence in Activities of Daily Living. This is achieved by addressing the physical, sensory, cognitive and perceptual components of activities. Such activities are dressing, grooming, toileting, eating, bathing, cooking, shopping, household tasks and leisure activities. Treatments are performed either in groups or in individualized settings. Groups provide the opportunity for the re-acquisition of social skills, identification with others and assist in motivation towards improvement. As part of the treatment team, we emphasize patient and family education to facilitate an understanding of the effects of the impairment on the patient and their loved ones. In addition to our therapist's experience in treating a variety of neurological conditions, we are sensitive to cultural differences and have a multicultural staff who can assist patients in their own language.

Our team of physical therapists has a special interest in the treatment of patients with problems of the brain and nervous system. We strongly believe in, and practice, a team approach to rehabilitation. Our role is to re-teach gross motor activity. We accomplish this through exercises and activities that stimulate normal movement by drawing on the patients past experience. The whole team, which includes the patient and family as vital members, is responsible for carrying over these therapeutic activities into the patients' daily lives. For example, a patient may find an easy way to stand by avoiding use of an involved leg. In physical therapy he or she will be shown how to stand to stimulate a return to normal function of the leg. Each treatment is designed specifically to address individuals therapeutic needs. Our goal is to assist the patient in achieving their maximal physical potential in order to return to their life in the community.