Acute Care

A physical therapist in acute care will evaluate a patient regarding functional activities. Based upon the evaluation, a treatment plan is established. The treatment plan may consist of transfer training, gait training and stair climbing. An appropriate assistive device will be fitted and issued to the patient for future use. The PT will provide the patient with a home exercise program as well as information concerning the follow up care the patient may need.

The Occupational Therapy Department provides evaluation and treatment of post surgical orthopaedic conditions of the shoulder, elbow and hand in the acute care inpatient setting. Occupational Therapists specialize in treatment of such conditions as total shoulder replacements, shoulder repairs as a result of dislocations, rotator cuff repairs, surgical repairs for fractures of the shoulder, elbow and hand, tendon repairs, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The department also provides fabrication of orthotic devices for both the upper and lower extremity for the inpatient/acute care setting