Patient Representatives

Patient Representatives are available to assist patients and their families with questions about patient rights, concerns, grievances, and hospital policies.

NYULMC Hospital for Joint Diseases
Level C3, 337
Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8am to 5:30pm
(212) 598-6336 (from inside the hospital please dial 6336)
Email address:

Notary Public service may also be arranged through the Patient Experience Office.

Concerns and Grievances

Patient Care/Safety

Patients or family members who believe that their concerns about patient care or safety have not been addressed are encouraged to contact hospital administration at (212) 598-6530.

If the issue has not been resolved through the hospital, patients or family members may contact The Joint Commission at (800) 994-6610 or visit their website at or contact the New York State Department of Health at (800) 804-5447 or via email:

HIPAA Privacy

Patients or family members who are concerned that the patient’s privacy rights may have been violated should immediately contact our Privacy Line at 1-877-PHI-LOSS (1-877-744-5677).

If the issue is not resolved through the hospital, you may also send a written complaint to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights. Please contact our Compliance Helpline at 1-866-NYU-1212 (1-866-698-1212) for further information.

Patients' Rights