Pre-Admission Testing

Pre-Admission Testing evaluates, assesses, educates and prepares patients and their families for successful and safe hospital experience at NYU/HJD & 38th street ambulatory centers.  During the pre-admission testing process, a team of nurses, physician assistants, anesthesiologists and medical service associates work together to provide instruction on how to prepare patient's and family  for a successful surgical procedure and recovery process. 

Our Facilities

Pre-admission testing unit provides a conducive enviornment with 5 exam rooms, EKG machines, pulse oximetry, weight scales, blood pressure machines, refreshment machine for patient convience. We also have the OnBase system for anesthesia to review patient's chart for completeness, crash cart for emergency preparedness.  We identify language barriers & cultural diversity needs. In addition we provide medication reconciliation assessment, nutritional needs, falls risk and Braden (skin) scale assessment, advance directive/health care proxy identification.

Staff Quality

We look for staff with the following qualities:

  • Experienced RN with a minimum of 1 year medical surgical experience
  • Experience in physical assessment and obtaining detailed medical history
  • Skilled in EKG and phlebotomy
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Professional Commitment
  • Certification in BCLS
  • Preferred ONC certification and or related specialty


Brenda F. Harris, BSN, CAPA, RN