Center for Children

Center for Children is an outpatient that provides care to children of all ages. Our patients receive the full spectrum of pediatric musculosketal care. The center was opened in 1979 and has served tens of thousands of children who have benefited from its interdisciplinary collaborative approach and groundbreaking therapies. The center specializes in treating a variety of injuries and conditions including scoliosis, clubfoot, leg length discrepancies, cerebral palsy, adolescent hip preservation, pediatric orthopedic trauma, fractures and sports injuries.

Our Facilities

Center for Children is an open area with nine examination rooms, one procedure room, four workstations manned by secretarial staff, a large registration area, two waiting areas for patients and families equipped with TV and tables/chairs for children to do their homework, special x-ray suite and elevator dedicated for children alone, offices for the Director of Center for Children, one Nurse Practitioner, two social workers, one clinic supervisor and two office managers and the rest of the medical and clerical staff are located in the 2nd floor.

Staff Quality

We look for the following qualities in our staff:

  • Pediatric outpatient experience preferred
  • Experienced with Epic Clinical Documentation
  • Flexible in adjusting to heavy clinic volume workflow
  • Understanding the dynamic of the outpatient setting with cultural diverse population we serve
  • Applicants should have the desire to care for children and must be compassionate and caring to understand their needs
  • Preferably an applicant must have a basic pediatric or medical surgical background in order to function well in and outpatient setting in a short period of time required for clinical orientation.


Nurse Manager: Thelma S. Diago BSN, RN
Director: Louise Comeau DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, ONC