Medical-Surgical Unit

Staff RNs in partnering relationships with Patient Care Assistants and Patient Care Technicians, provide care to post-surgical orthopaedic and complex medical patients. Primary nursing, based on principles of Relationship Based Care (RBC) and Watson's Caring theory, are hallmarks of unit practice. Patient-centered care is evident in the bedside rounds at changes of shift, daily interdisciplinary team rounds and the many staff-driven initiatives focused on improving patient care.

Our Facilities

The unit consists of 20 beds which are telemetry capable. There are 7 semi-private rooms and 6 private rooms, 2 of which can be used as negative airflow rooms when required. Epidural and Patient Controlled Analgesia pumps are routinely used for post-operative pain control and a Pain Management team provides ongoing 24/7 support. Dynamap, automatic monitoring equipment, including pulse oximetry, is available for the frequent assessment required. Physical Therapy is provided on the unit. A unit assigned Social Worker and Case Manger assists in the discharge planning of patients while Nurse Practitioners address daily clinical needs and maintain a liason relationship with the Attendings and their Resident teams. Hospitalists, Intensivists and an Endocrinologist provide additional consultative services and medical management support.

Staff Quality

The 11th floor nursing staff work in a dynamic environment where nurses are an integral part in determining their practice. Our nurses take a leading role in advancing clinical practice by their participation in unit base and professional practice councils. A patient centered approach using primary nursing is at the core of clinical and nursing practice. Nurses are culturally sensitive to the diverse patient population they serve. Orthopedic clinical expertise is gained through education and certification.


Interim Assistant Nurse Manager: Eslene Mayer-Jeanty, BSN, RN, ONC
Assistant Nurse Manager: Gina Brutus, BSN, RN